This video (link below) was made by the author in 2014 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the home’s creation. Note that 1914 was likely the year that  Rev. George Wood accepted the task of creating an orphan home at Innisfail, Alberta.The home opened its doors on January 01, 1916.


An evocative description of winter at the home, extracted from the novel “Passing Innocence” by Francis Dwyer. Left click on the link here:  In his novel

Research notes from 2014. Two old boy’s of the home researched and added to knowledge about the early history of the home. Left click on the link here”  Research Notes on the Early History of the Wood’s Homes in Alberta – FINAL




Click on this Link for the Homers website created by Dick Nickel to inform and connect former boys and girls who spent a part or much of their childhoods in the home.

Link to website of the Wood’s Homes, the successor organization to the W.C.H.



One of the old boys from 1946-56

Author of Passing Innocence, creator and curator of these exhibit pages..

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  1. One of the old boys from 1946-56
    1. One of the old boys from 1946-56
  2. One of the old boys from 1946-56

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